Photo Of Modern TRG Building

Total Refrigeration Gaskets, Inc. was founded in 1989 with the objective of making gaskets that fit and seal properly. Along with manufacturing gaskets, we began installing gaskets at the local Orlando area theme parks. Hardware was soon added to our product line, as it was necessary for the scope of work. We found our niche, and have continued to specialize in products that make doors close and seal.

By specializing, we have used the knowledge gained through installations, attending new equipment shows, interacting with our customers through workshops, and customer input to develop a highly trained Customer Service Department. We pride ourselves in our knowledge and our genuine commitment to assisting customers.

Part of that commitment involves staying current with the manufacturers’ changing products. Total Refrigeration Gaskets Inc. began with four gasket profiles. Over time, we have evolved to thirty-six. As manufacturers change their profiles, we will continue to add to our product line to remain current.

In 2001, we decided to focus on manufacturing gaskets and distributing hardware. In order to do that, we closed our installation department. Installing was an invaluable learning experience, but we preferred not competing with our local customers, instead concentrating on growing the manufacturing division.

Although we still have many customers who were established in our first year of business, we have grown to be an international company, with customers not only in the USA, Canada, and Mexico, but in Europe, U.A.E., and Egypt.

Along with growth came the need to focus on organization. As always, maintaining our delivery commitments was a high priority, so in 2009 we created a custom order entry program, giving us features that expedite our workflow as well as offer value to our customers. Our ability to create Customer Logs and use manufacturer’s part numbers are two of the added benefits. At the same time our office became paperless. In 2011 that program was integrated with a custom production program, taking the production department paperless. This allows us to track the progress of an order and expedite if necessary. More importantly, we now have our Total Tag, which gives you—the customer—all the information you need at your fingertips.

We believe in giving you a quality product as well as the additional tools to help you do your job. This catalog not only shows products, but helpful tips and information to make you more productive. Our Gasket Sample Kit has been organized to save you time and avoid mistakes. When used to their capacity, our Customer Log and Total Tag are excellent tools to organize your work. Our online catalog can be accessed via computer, tablet, or smart phone. We encourage you to spend time with this catalog to reap the benefits that it has to offer, and to call Customer Service at (800) 452-4275 with your questions or comments. Remember— you are the boss.